The Challenge

Roger’s house (Albert Bridge, London) to Olly’s house (Amsterdam). That’s 537km in 5 days. No planes. No trains. No automobiles. Just our bikes. Our trainers. And a lot of lard…

DAY 1  |  30 June 2013  |  143km cycle

Bring it on. We’ll leave Roger’s house boat, which is moored on the Thames under Albert Bridge in London, by bike. Ahead of us a 143km cycle to Dover Harbour in Kent.

The ChannelDAY 2  |  1 July 2013  |  22-30 nmi swim

The big swim. We’ll cross the English Channel from Dover to Calais by swimming in two relay teams, piloted by veteran skippers Neil Streeter and Chris Osmond. For the swim to be a certified channel crossing, wetsuits are strictly forbidden so we’ll need to smother ourselves in lard to keep warm in the water. Nice.

Calais to BruggeDAY 3  |  2 July 2013  |  127km cycle

Back on the bicyclettes for another mammoth cycle. This time from Calais to Brugge, past the beaches of Dunkirk and shores of Northern Belgium. A strong head wind here could cause all manner of problems on already shaky legs. Hefty donations will undoubtedly spur us on!

Brugges to RotterdamDAY 4  |  3 July 2013  |  157km cycle

We’ll be cycling from Brugge to Rotterdam through some spectacular scenery. We’ll cross the Veerse Gat dam (2.8km), the Brouwers dam (6km), the world’s second longest set of sluices over the Haringvliet (3km) and the world’s longest set of sluices over the Oosterschelde (62 sluice gates, 6km). Yep, that’s a lot of sluices.

DAY 5  |  4 July 2013  |  66km run

Ok, this is it. On the final day we’ll be ‘running’ from Rotterdam to Olly’s house in Amsterdam. That’s one and a half marathons to finish it all off. If there’s a time when we need your donations to give us a kick, this will be it!


And that’s it. Easy right? Help us out, please donate whatever you can…
…though the bigger the donation the faster we’ll run and the sooner we can get home for a beer!