About MH2YH

My House to Your House is a physical team challenge concept with a difference.

Your challenge must take you from any starting house to any finishing house, by any means of manpower, and for any cause that the team chooses.

Whether conceived in the pub, in the classroom, at work or at home, MH2YH is open to any one, of any age. And any challenge of any size. As long as it’s a true physical challenge for the team, and you’re serious about raising some cash for your chosen charity, then it’s a MH2YH journey worth making.

MH2YH is all about the journey. It’s not about comparing race times, but setting your own challenge and pushing your own limits. And it’s about doing that as a team.

If you’d like to do your own MH2YH challenge, or join us for our 2014 main event (yet to be conceived, though there’s talk of surfing as one of the sports!), get in touch – we’d love to hear your story.